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BBQ Tips for Chicks + Recipe for Super Simple Grilled Steak

It’s mid-July already!Β  Can you believe it?Β  Its finally 100 degrees out here in SoCal and we are doing our very best to stay cool during the hottest part of the day.Β  Around 5pm, when I start to make dinner it is still in the upper 90s so I am always trying to avoid cooking inside.Β  Just using the stove makes the air conditioner kick on every time so to avoid astronomical electric bills I am doing 75% of my cooking on my amazing gas grill.


Life Update

I know its been three months since my last post.Β  I haven’t forgotten you, as a matter of fact, I think about blogging all the time!Β  I have been stuck trying to get back into my blogging groove.Β  So much has changed in my life from when I blogged weekly.Β  I am having trouble getting a rhythm going.Β  But instead of just waiting for the perfect moment to strike (which will never happen) I’m just going to jump in and see where it takes me.