About Melissa

Hi Everyone!

I am Melissa and I live in the sunny southern Californian high desert!  I am a science teacher and I love working with plants!  Teaching others about how to live in harmony with the Earth is a passion of mine and I hope to share what I know with you.  I have two kids, ages 16 and 8, plus two cats, Winter and Titan.  The area we live in is Zone 8b, which means our average low in the winter is around 20-25F.  Last year I grew vegetables all year long in my garden on accident, but this year I’m going to see just how much of my own food I can grow on my own.  I hope you will enjoy following along with me on this journey.

I would love to hear from readers.  Drop me a note at

shootsandroots6 (at) yahoo.com.


All images and content are copyright of Melissa Beach and cannot used without permission.

If you would like to feature some of my images on your website, blog or for commercial use, publication and general distribution, please contact me at

shootsandroots6 (at) yahoo.com.


Shoots and Roots Around the Net:

Glamour.com – Health & Fitness

3 replies to About Melissa
  1. I thought that was funny, too…..and makes a huge and tricky challenge for your dinner table. But, on the serious side, you are BRILLIANT for gardening in the back — your little carnivore will be lured away before you know it to all those beautiful hands-on roots and shoots. 🙂

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