About Melissa

Hi Everyone!

I am Melissa and I live in sunny Southern California!  I love food, photography, art, teaching, writing, gardening, camping, decorating, shopping, financial management, living minimalistically and helping others grow into their best selves.  I have two kids, ages 13 and 5, plus two cats, Winter and Lily in my small Mojave Desert apartment.  Its an ideal location for us because we are within 2 hours of several mountain ranges, including Mt. Whitney, skiing, beaches, hiking, rivers, lakes, Los Angeles, Missions, Death Valley, Sequoia, Disneyland, and so much more!  I am so excited to bring you with us on our travels!

I am cooking for three, on a limited budget, trying to keep it simple and bringing as much joy to our lives as possible.

I would love to hear from readers.  Drop me a note at

shootsandroots6 (at) yahoo.com.


All images and content are copyright of Melissa Beach and cannot used without permission.

If you would like to feature some of my images on your website, blog or for commercial use, publication and general distribution, please contact me at

shootsandroots6 (at) yahoo.com.


Shoots and Roots Around the Net:

Glamour.com – Health & Fitness


3 thoughts

  1. I thought that was funny, too…..and makes a huge and tricky challenge for your dinner table. But, on the serious side, you are BRILLIANT for gardening in the back — your little carnivore will be lured away before you know it to all those beautiful hands-on roots and shoots. 🙂

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