Quarantine Day 11

Its been 11 days since anyone other than myself has left the house. While no one in our home is immune-compromised or elderly, we know its important to maintain distance from all people to avoid spreading the virus to others. I read a report this morning that said eight people have the virus in my town now and the first child to die of Covid-19 was in our local hospital. I worry about my uncle who is 68 and a diabetic. I worry about my student who is immune-compromised and was scheduled for surgery last week. I worry about my students who have told me they hate being at home with their families. I worry about the future of our economy. I worry about all my friends who just lost their jobs. I worry about my savings, which is nearly all in the stock market. There is just so much to worry about right now that it’s hard to find inner peace at all.

But I also have faith in humanity as a whole. History has shown that we make the most drastic and necessary changes when faced with crisis. I sincerely hope that at the end of this pandemic we have learned that we are all in this life together. ALL of the world is in this together and that the more we help others, the better this world will be for everyone.

Our systems break when people act selfishly (I’m looking at you hoarders), or when people refuse to follow the advice of professionals who know what they are talking about (I’m looking at you, Mr. President). The more we rely on facts, supported by evidence and Science the better off we will be. I really hope that from this experience the world will learn to look toward Science for the answers rather than sensationalists who are just looking for followers and views.

We plan to stay quarentined until the CDC tells us it is safe to no longer do so and I HIGHLY suggest you all do the same. I am just a Science teacher but I know enough to say that it is extremely important to avoid contracting this virus and spreading it to others. It is not the same as the flu. Its more along the lines of chickenpox, smallpox and measles. We do not know the long term effects of this virus on people. The first studies are just being published now and it will take a long time before we know more. Assume the worst. Assume it will leave you with decreased lung function, perhaps permanently. That will keep you and your family safe. It will help keep me and my family safe. It will help our country and the world recover faster. We can do this. Please do your part.

If you have not quarantined your family already consider starting today. Here are some things you can do to help right now.

  1. Limit your trips to the store to once a week.
  2. Wash your hands before you leave the house and after you get home. Wash them every time you cough or sneeze.
  3. If you have ANY symptoms of illness or have been in contact with a sick person, DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE for 14-21 days. Have your food delivered and left on the porch.
  4. Sterilize your home, car and especially your cell phone. I’m even going to sterilize my mailbox.
  5. Keep in contact with friends and family digitally. I fear depression and suicide rates may go up with people locked indoors and alone for weeks on end. Make video chats. Record videos and post them to social media. Bring a smile to others’ faces. I am saving memes I find online and am sending them to my uncle, who has never been on the internet. Just to help him stay positive and find some humor in his day.

Stay safe and healthy!