Our Gluten Free Thanksgiving Menu

It is supposed to snow tomorrow.

Snow, in November, on Thanksgiving. I live in the desert in California. IF it snows, it snows in February or March. Never in November.

Nevertheless, our plans continue. I’m making dinner and people are coming over to eat it.

My uncle was hesitant to accept my invitation knowing that I would be making a gluten free dinner. He wanted to know what was on the menu before he agreed to go. He only said yes after I’d explained that many dishes are naturally gluten free and he wouldn’t miss any of his favorites.

Our Thanksgiving Menu

All you really need to buy is a small bag of GF flour. If you can find gluten free stuffing great. If not just buy a loaf of GF bread and make your own. Everything else is naturally gluten free.

Thanksgiving 2011

This weekend we will be going to a Friendsgiving and its a potluck. These are not people who are gluten free so we have to be really careful. Before we go we will be taking Gluten Ease digestive enzymes just in case we get some traces of gluten contamination. That will help digest the gluten without causing as much damage or violent illness in my case.

My friend messaged me a list of things people were already bringing so I could plan what I would bring. About half of them were naturally gluten free. That helps me to plan what I need to bring so we don’t go hungry while we are there.

It was quickly obvious that we would not be able to eat any of the desserts (all pies) or the breads. I also noticed no one was bringing any veggies so I opted to make a veggie main dish that is gluten free. That way the kids and I have guaranteed food in addition to the turkey and ham. Im considering baking a gluten free dessert so we have one of those to eat as well. Maybe a cheesecake or a flour-less chocolate cake like this one.

So these are our Thanksgiving plans for this year! I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! Its been a tough year for us, but we also have many blessings to celebrate. Many blessings to you all!