30 Day No Sugar Challenge

The afternoons are the hardest.  I drive to Brae’s school after leaving work and cannot stop yawning.  I yawn so often that my jaw starts to ache and I turn up the music hoping I won’t fall asleep at the wheel.  I couldn’t figure out what was causing me to be so tired in the middle of the day.

After a few weeks of joking that I’m getting old and I need to make time for siesta each day, which is a joke because it’s impossible, I decided that I had to figure out what was causing this afternoon crash.

As always, I first examined what I was eating and realized I had picked up a bad snack bar habit.  I usually don’t have the time or the appetite for breakfast, and I’m usually so busy at work I don’t have time to eat until 11:30 or later.  To curb that those hunger pangs I had been eating MnM Candies, Cheetos, and meal replacement bars from the snack bar at work instead of eating nourishing food brought from home.  On top of this, I haven’t been taking my vitamins, particularly Vitamin D.  Not taking my vitamins probably explains the increased pain in my joints.  

The final straw was when I went to the doctor and discovered I have gained 10 lbs since I was there in January!  I don’t own a scale (or I didn’t until today) so I had not realized I was gaining weight until my work clothes had gotten uncomfortably tight.  So tight that I started wearing skirts and dresses instead.

I am over feeling this way.  I hate feeling dumpy, tired and overweight, so I decided to cut out all processed sugars to help reset my body and force myself to get more creative with my eating.

I am on Day 8 and I’m doing pretty good now.  I had a few strong cravings the last 2 days and did eat some chocolate chips the other night, but otherwise, I am doing really well.  This morning I made a latte with my new espresso machine instead of having coffee with creamer.  I used Vanilla Soy Milk and just a touch of Salted Caramel syrup.  It was perfect.  So satisfying and I didn’t miss the creamer at all.  An added bonus is that the soy milk has 6 grams of protein, whereas my regular coffee has none!

Doing this has forced me to look at my health habits more closely.  I was blaming the sugar for my weight gain, but this past week I have realized that I just eat way too much food, especially at night.  I am like a hobbit looking for 2nd and 3rd dinner plus a midnight snack.  It’s bad.  Often I’m not even hungry, but I am still rummaging the fridge looking for something satisfying.

The last day or two I have been thinking of adding 30 days of yoga to my 30 days of no sugar.  I am terrible at completing these things, but that almost gives me more motivation to do it and be successful.  I am tired of giving up because something is hard.  The most enjoyable things in life sometimes take a lot of hard work to achieve.

I hope you will join me in my #nosugarchallenge!

If you want to follow my progress I am posting updates on my Instagram stories almost daily.

Let me know what health goals you are working on in the comments!

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