Right Now


Right now

:listening – To Gavin pound on the keyboard.  One of his new favorite toys.

:thinking – about all the guests I have had visiting this past month.  It’s so fun to reconnect with old friends.

:feeling – anxious about my upcoming flight to So Cal.  I haven’t flown in a long time and we are all going as a family.

:wishing – for the rain to come.  While the rest of the US is freezing, California is warm and dry.  Suddenly a warm sunny day takes on this eery feeling.

:wanting – to start gardening for this summer.  I am determined to make this summer’s garden a success, but to do that I have to find more sun and improve my soil.  I think I have the answer for one problem, but not the other.

:needing – to write more.  I feel the urge.

:making – pasta today.  I hope… If Gavin takes an early nap.  I’ve never made pasta and I’ve always wanted to.

:changing – my perspectives to become a happier healthier person in 2014.

:loving – watching Gavin’s personality emerge.  He is a smart happy child with a trixie sense of humor and a sprinkle of rebellion.

:playing – with drawing and painting more.  Every couple of years I go through an arty phase.  I’m feeling it come back to me.