What’s Happening

Hello!  Summer has been speeding by here!  Its been cooler on average too which has been very nice.  Several times I thought it was Fall already, but then realized that no, it was still July.  Anyway, here is a little of what we have been up to this month.

Photo Jul 29, 11 47 34 AMPhoto Jul 29, 11 48 21 AM Photo Jul 29, 11 49 23 AM

– Our landlord is replacing the insulation in our bedroom this week which is why there is drywall all over my garden.  The bedroom window happened to be the easiest way to get it all outside and its located right over the garden.  They also agreed to paint my room any color I want!  We chose a beautiful blue color aptly named Apple River.  I cant wait to get in there and set it all up!

– fertilizing the garden with fish emulsion makes the plants grow inches overnight, but there is still nothing to harvest yet.  We are about ready to peel back that astroturf and move it to another location.  It did an amazing job on all the weeds.

Photo Jul 29, 11 48 00 AM Photo Jul 29, 11 48 43 AM

– Experimenting with creative bean trellising.  The beans are currently headed across that rope.  I’m hoping for a cool bean overhang.

–  We went to the SF Zoo.  Had a blast seeing all the animals, but were a little disappointed that “Hawk Hill” only had one hawk, a couple owls and a turkey vulture.  The owl in the picture is an Eurasian Eagle Owl.  They are massive.  About the size of my torso.  Their only Hawk, a Harris Hawk was not even out on display.   Brae, my outspoken girl, told the docent that she had a Harris Hawk at home and wanted to see something new.  Turns out we have way more hawks and falcons then SF zoo!  Isn’t that wild?

SFzooJuly201323 SFzooJuly201311 SFzooJuly201320 SFzooJuly201321

– The blackberries are coming in about a pint at a time so far.  I had a couple bags in the freezer from last year, so they became jam.

– I also made jam from the same local Shiro plums that I found at Andy’s Market last year.  I used the same recipe as before.

– I have been using the crock pot a lot lately.  The best recipe by far was the baby back ribs.  Just cut the rack into three chunks, or whatever size needed to fit in your crock pot.  Season with salt, pepper and rub with a couple spoonfuls of brown sugar.  Coat with a quality bbq sauce and pile in the crock pot with plenty of bbq sauce in between the ribs.  Pour the rest of the bottle over the top of the ribs.  Cover and cook on high for 6 hours.  They were AMAZING!  Even better than the last bbq restaurant I went to!

–  It’s probably a little early to begin planning the Fall garden but it’s so cloudy and cold everyday that I’ve had the gardening books out and already bought my seeds.  Since we decided to stay here for a couple more years we are planning to add another garden bed in the backyard.  I’m hoping I can get it done by fall.  Now that I can stick Gavin in the back of the Ergo I get so much more done.

– The Gravenstein apples are ripe already and the trees are packed with them this year.  I see lots of applesauce and apple butter in my future.

Back soon, no really, way sooner than last time 🙂