Garden Update

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Above pic: Two weeks ago


2 days ago

It seems kinda silly to continue my 30 days when I am obviously not blogging everyday.  As much as I want to, it is impossible for me to blog everyday.  I have to choose between spending time with Tom after the kids go to bed or blog.  Sorry, but family first!

I did enjoy my 30 days of Renewal.  I started knitting a little again.  I started eating a salad everyday for lunch, experimented with vegetarian dinners, started taking a pile of supplements to help support my pregnancy weakened joints that have been causing injury after injury the last couple months.  I started gardening again, started doing yoga again.  And so much more.  I am really starting to feel like my old self again.  Except for the extra baby weight.  Nursing isnt dropping the pounds as fast as I thought it would.  I have lost about 12 lbs but not without lots of work!  Nursing had nothin to do with it!

I am really happy to be gardening again.  It’s so therapeutic!  Digging my hands into the soil.  Pulling weeds.  Finding stray carrots that wintered deep in the beds.  The soil pulls all the tension out of my body and sucks it into the earth leaving me refreshed and calm.  Gavin and I are loving our morning gardening time.  He gets to hang out in his stroller watching the world from the shade of the redwoods.  I get about 20 minutes of me time to garden as I please.  Its awesome.

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Two weeks ago


2 days ago

So, this year I planted a bunch of cucumbers and tomatoes.  There are two or three kinds of pickling cucumbers and a slicer.  I also picked 5 or 6 different indeterminate tomatoes, blue lake pole beans, zucchini squash, a couple lettuces that will probably bolt soon anyway, dill and cilantro.  I have room for a little more but haven’t decided what else to plant.  Maybe an eggplant or something.

We are about to move the astro turf in the backyard.  Its done a great job on the weeds so far, but we have much more to do!  My allergies are so bad this year that weedwacking sends me running inside for a Claritin and a shower.  I’m glad the turf can do the job for me!

You know what I really need is a goat!