Day 20 – 30 Days of Renewal – Garden Update

Photo Jun 05, 9 50 54 AM

I bet you are wondering whats up with my garden this year?  Well the answer is a big fat NOTHING!  I haven’t even started yet.  We have been so busy with the end of the school year and baby proofing the house that the garden has been mostly forgotten.  I hope to have time to pick up some new dirt and plant summer veggies this weekend.  That’s my goal at least.  We have a lot of work on our hands and I’m feeling the pressure!

The backyard is worse than the front.  Weeds have completely taken over.  I’ll be gettin busy with the weed wacker soon.

Photo Jun 05, 9 54 35 AM

A couple weeks ago Tom and I spread out some astro turf in the back to kill all the stickers.  It works great and gives us a clean, sticker free place to hang out until they’re dead.  Its probably not the most economical choice, but since we use a lot of astro turf in the falcon’s enclosures we usually have extra lying around.

Photo Jun 05, 10 42 14 AM

Photo Jun 05, 9 54 51 AM

We ran out of turf for this section.  The weed wacker and heavy gloves come in handy here.  Especially since I gotta be able to get to those blackberries over there!  I am so excited we will be here for another blackberry season!

So, that’s it.  My awful, overgrown and ugly backyard.  I’m planning some big changes in the next couple weeks.  I need my tomato fix this year!!

On a side note, today is the last day of the school year!  Gavin’s asleep and this is probably the last time I will be alone for the next three months!  With that I’m going to go do something non electronic.  Like work on clearing out the garden beds in the front.