Baby, Food and Gas

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Sorry I have been gone for so long.  I have been enjoying this new baby of mine.  He is so charming.  Full of dashing smiles and shrieks.  For the most part.  He also has fussy and gassy times.  Over the last month we have become baby gas experts.  My midwife gave me Hylands Colic Tablets, which seem to work great for us.  Within minutes of taking one he will calm down and begun burping and tooting.  So does rocking him back and forth while he is laying tummy down on my arm.  Bicycle kicks work too.

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I have also had to change my diet.  I am almost exclusively nursing and a little research says that there are several foods that can make a baby gassy.  Oatmeal was on that list and I eat a lot of oatmeal.  Its my breakfast of choice.  Stir in a spoonful of brown sugar, some golden raisins and a few shakes of nutmeg and cinnamon.  Oh, it’s so good.  But, I cut it out and he seems to feel a little better.  Next on the list is cutting out dairy…

Which really sucks.  Because I love cheese, yogurt and butter.  I could do without milk, since there are so many other yummy milks, but giving up cheese and butter is a heartfelt loss.  I am going to try though.  I hate seeing him scrunch his legs up and kick and cry.  After paying attention over the last week I can tell that the more milk I consume the more gassy he seems to be.  After a couple days of less milk and less gas I ate a delicious Clam Chowder this past Sunday at Gypsy Cafe in downtown Sebastopol.  It was really really good and was probably full of cream.  Later that night poor baby was gassier then ever.

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Overall I think we have a handle on things.  I’m tired, but not to an extreme like some new parents.  I have no postpartum depression, thankfully.  My sweet boy is a natural flirt, has big beautiful blue eyes and has the creamiest perfect baby skin.  I love taking pictures of him and am again attempting a 52 weeks project over on my long neglected photography blog.

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This doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing at the moment so instead of not writing at all, like the last few weeks, I am going to write smaller posts, probably photographed at odd “bad photography” hours and written on my iphone while nursing the baby in the middle of the night.

I hope you don’t mind.