38 Weeks + 3 days

I’m just stopping in to give you a quick update.  I know I said in my last post that I was going to try posting more, but I have realized that was just wishful thinking.  I have so little energy and unfinished tasks are piling up, so much has had to be pushed to the side, including my blog.

To start, I am doing well and so is baby.  We are pretty sure that we are going to name him Gavin John.  It’s not written in stone yet, but its nice to finally have settled on something we both like.  I am really tired all the time and have been relying on coffee to get through the day.  Don’t worry I’m not drinking too much coffee.  I like to make a weak latte using milk, chocolate syrup and a couple of shots of strong coffee.  Since I am not a regular coffee drinker this seems to do the trick.  I feel incredibly blessed that this has been such an easy pregnancy and I hope the labor and recovery go just as well.  Anyone want to guess when labor will start?  I am due on Oct 15th, but Tom and I are really feeling Oct 13th.  Wouldn’t that be a cool birthday?  Plus its a Saturday, which would be really convenient because Tom gets off work early that day and has Sundays off.  Fingers Crossed!

My poor garden has been horribly neglected.  I don’t have much energy to water so its been going several days between waterings.  Many of the plants have died or are finished bearing fruit so I am slowly pulling them out as I find them.  Nothing did especially well this year.  The peppers were a bust and for the first time in three years I had to buy extra tomatoes from the store during the summer.  I did have some success with my cucumbers, but you must know that I have never grown cucumbers successfully so anything can be called a success at this point.  I also had some success with my bush beans.

As for a winter garden, I haven’t decided whether I should even bother planting a winter garden or just wait until spring.  I will have my hands full with a new baby and I’m not sure how long it will take to get my energy back.  I don’t want to go through the planting just to have everything die before the rains begin watering for me.  Maybe we will just downsize to one bed of greens for the winter.  Make it extra easy.

As for cooking.  I’m not cooking.  Actually I can’t remember the last meal I cooked that wasn’t eggs.  By evening I am too pooped to cook dinner so Tom has been running out to Subway or to one of the local food trucks to pick up food almost every night.  I keep telling myself that I should cook dinner in the morning and just heat it up come dinnertime, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Does anyone have any easy and fast meals that reheat well?  I would love some suggestions.

Well, I hope to post again before I give birth, but if not I will be sure to let you all know when the big day happens.  Then hopefully after some recovery time everything will go back to normal.  I need some normal.  I think we all do.  Until then!