Feathered Beauties

The chickens have gotten so big!  It seems like only yesterday they were little chicks.  I guess in the same way, this pregnancy has flown by too.  We have about a month left before the flock is old enough to begin laying eggs and a month or so after that I will have a new chick to take care of!  Until then we are having fun watching them cleverly escape the safety of their enclosure and then wander and play until we can herd them back.  We aren’t too worried about something grabbing one.  Chaser keeps most of the critters away during the day.

The chicken’s feathers are mesmerizing, aren’t they? The sun plays across the patterns and colors in an almost hypnotic way.  Like little walking works of art.  I wish I was able to catch it better on camera.

I have been cooking a bunch, but hardly taking any pictures of my food. By the time its ready I am too pooped to photograph it!  Even so, I hope to have a new recipe up this week.