4th Food and Pics

This is the first 4th we have had in Sonoma County and it was great!  A couple of days ago I thought our 4th was ruined when our cranky neighbor called and told us that if anyone shot off any fireworks in the neighborhood she was going to call the cops.  Considering we live in a town where fireworks are legal I was pretty angry.  However, I decided to call the local fire department and ask them if fireworks were legal in my neighborhood and found out that I live in a 1 mile stretch of unincorporated city where fireworks are illegal.  The mean lady won, and we did not shoot off our own fireworks.

Instead we headed out to Red, White and Boom at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds.  They boasted the best fireworks show in the county and we were not disappointed.

I was really excited to try out some of the local gourmet food trucks so that was our first stop at the fair.  There was quite a selection.  Two kinds of BBQ, Fish, Mexican, World Fusion, and Cupcakes!  And that was just the food trucks.  We couldn’t pass up the Fish on Chips truck, so Tom and I both got that.  They were great.  The fish was moist, batter crispy and golden.  The fries were just as good sprinkled with a bit of lemon and dipped in tartar sauce.  Definitely a place I would hit up again.

Next we stopped at the Sift Cupcakes truck.  They have been on my list of places to go since I discovered they won Cupcake Wars.  They deserved to win too.  I got The Samoa cupcake which is a coconut cake filled with chocolate ganache and topped with caramel frosting and rolled in toasted coconut.  It was, by far, one of the best cakes I have tasted.  The flavors were spot on and the cake itself was tender and moist.  Unlike any cupcake I have had before.  I still plan on stopping by their store in Santa Rosa one of these days to try their Cupcake Wars winner, the Pink Champagne cupcake.

The fairground was packed with people, about 10,000 people showed up by the end of the evening.  There were live bands, dancing, jumpy houses and a climbing wall for the kids.  It was quite an event.

By the time the fireworks started the kids were hopped up on sugar and literally crying for them to begin.  We tried to grab a quick family photo but this was the best we got.  Brae was in a funky sugar rush and did not want to take a picture with us.  Tom was able to snatch her as she ran off and we snapped a few quick ones with the iPhone.  As I tried to get us all together I was reminded that this would be the last 4th with just the three of us.  For next years photo we will be a family of four.

We hope you all had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July.  Can’t wait until next year!

Author: Melissa

I live in the high desert outside of Los Angeles in southern California with my 14-year-old daughter and my 6 yr old son. I love to help people, which is why I am a teacher! I find so much joy in helping others create a life they love. This little blog is about food. Growing it, cooking it and eating it! I hope it inspires you to try something new and stretch yourself!

One thought

  1. Red, White and Boom….what a great name. 😉 That’s too bad about the cranky neighbor — but I suppose in the long run, she did you a favor. Sort of. How fun to be there with such a great show, all those people and that gorgeous FOOD!! It’s barely 8 a.m. and I was hungry for coleslaw and bbq just looking at those photos!!! Also – I remember that curious feeling of “next year we’ll be four” and wondering how the family dynamic would change. I can assure you, with all of my heart, it is the most wonderful kind of change there is. Hey! Maybe this new baby will soften up that neighbor a little, too….you never know. 😉

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