With Crossed Fingers – Gopher Madness Part 2

Today Tom and I moved the gopher ridden backyard garden bed.  I’ve put this off for days because I know I will probably lose plants from shock.  BUT, after finding another plant, my zucchini, being sucked down another hole this morning I was convinced that it had to be done.

I’ve never wanted to kill an animal more than at that moment.  One time I had to kill a quail to feed Tom’s falcon and I cried when I did it.  I was supposed to kill two, but couldn’t do it and passed the job off to our friend.  When I saw what this gopher was doing to my zucchini plant I didn’t hesitate to angrily stab the ground by the hole a few times with a stake in the hopes that I would skewer the little bastard.  Unfortunately, I missed.

Later in the afternoon I enlisted Tom’s help and we picked the whole bed up and turned it 90 degrees.  We lined the bottom of the bed with gopher wire and then one by one I dug up each plant and transferred them and the dirt as carefully as I could.  I heard lots of snapping roots so who knows how well I did, but what choice did I have?  The gopher would have gotten them eventually.

Tomorrow I plan on planting a pretty new crookneck squash transplant and then distracting myself with fixing up the rest of the backyard while I wait to see if any of the other plants die of shock.  Wish us luck!