Loving List

Things I am Loving This Week

– This awesome article about personal creativity and blogging

– Slushies made with my Magic Bullet, the greatest blender on earth. Just blend ice with fruit and juice until you have a Slushie!

Homemade Apricot Jam

– Taking a walk and finding a few gorgeous horses living down the street

– The first days of Summer Vacation

– Finally remembering to give my daughter’s teacher a gift before summer vacation.  A batch of these, my favorite brownies.

– Tweets and workshop notes from BlogHerFood since I can’t go, yet again.

– The invading blackberry vines growing everywhere.  I’m sure I will hate them one day, but not today.  All I see is future blackberry jam.

– The impromptu baby bump shot

– Flowers blooming everywhere, some with the promise of juicy fruits.