Around the Yard

Have your allergies been bad this year?  Ours are horrible!  I don’t know if it’s the climate in Sonoma County or if this is just a bad pollen year, but we have been suffering big time.  I bought a new allergen hepa filter vacuum  and it has helped a lot already.  I didn’t realize how bad our old vacuum had gotten.  The new vacuum picked up an entire canister worth of dirt just two days after I vacuumed with the old vacuum.  We have all noticed a big improvement in our allergies over the last 24 hours too.  Plus my carpet seems fluffier.

A lot has changed around the yard in the last week.  I harnessed all that second trimester energy into building a huge garden bed out of scrap lumber AND filing it with 6 wheelbarrow loads of dirt.  Although I have to admit it took me two days to do this, with lots of breaks and snacks.  I already plan on putting the beans, cucumbers and tomatoes in that bed, but I am still trying to decide if a squash or zucchini will fit too.  They get so big.  The bed is about 9ft by 3 ft so I have quite a bit of space, but we still have watermelons and cantaloupe to find a home for too!  I know it’s not all going to fit.

Our spring garden in the front yard is growing rapidly and is almost ready for thinning.  We also have had our first strawberry harvest of 2 berries.  They were delicious and I did not share.  I didn’t even tell anyone they were there.  Tee hehe.

The chickies moved into their new home this week.  They are very happy with their new digs.  There are big nesting boxes to cuddle in and perches to hang out on.  There’s a large grazing area protected by an old scrub oak tree and about 2 inches of leaf litter to sift through. They’re in bug heaven.

Don’t they have beautiful colors?  I love CoCo, the brown and white one.  She is going to be gorgeous.  My favorite personality wise is probably Betty White.  She is the white hen.  She is sweet and curious, always the first one to peek out of the hen-house and look around.  My neighbor and I spent a good half hour chatting in their new grazing area watching them peck away at sowbugs, worms and spiders.  We both agreed that it was very relaxing to watch them.  Their repetitive scratching, pecking and happy chirping is meditative, almost hypnotic.  I would bet that watching free range chickens for 30 minutes lowers your blood pressure tremendously, just like owning a cat or dog, except chickens give you eggs.

Whats happening in your garden this week?