A Pea in the Pod

So there was a much bigger reason for me not posting the last two months.  One I have been bursting with.  Literally.  Tom and I are adding to our family!  I am expecting a baby around October 14th!

One of my last posts mentioned that I have been sick.  That’s so true.  The last two months has been a blur of morning sickness and complete exhaustion.  I went from cooking twice everyday to eating out everyday because I was too nauseous or too tired to cook.  Now that we are starting the second trimester I have already felt my energy picking up and I have been less nauseous during the day.  I am even getting my cooking mojo back.  Yippee!

The biggest bummer in the last couple weeks, besides nausea, is my  computer.  It was completely fried in a storm.  apparently my surge protector was no longer doing its job.  Check to make sure you have a properly working surge protector on your computer!  We have yet to buy a new computer, so in the meantime I am borrowing my BFF’s old Macbook and missing Photoshop dearly.  Until I get everything back to normal all my pictures are going to be taken with my iPhone or straight out of camera with little editing.  That should be a fun challenge.

Spring is out full force here and I cant wait to show you what’s been happening around the garden.