Welcome 2012 – With Pictures from Bodega Bay, CA

I want to spend the next year the same way I spent the last week.  With good food, good friends and fun adventures.  A college friend of ours is visiting for the New Year and we spent the week showing him around this area.  This Thursday we took a quick drive to Bodega Bay.  My neighbors had told me the coast was only about 20 minutes away and that it was a beautiful drive, but that was an understatement.  It was one of the most breathtaking drives I have been on in my life.  I sat there, watching the jaw dropping scenery pass by while occasionally repeating, “Oh my god, this is so beautiful.  I can’t believe I live here”.  I am sorry to tell you that I did not take a single shot the whole way there.  I didn’t want to miss a second fiddling with my camera.   Nothing is going to keep me from taking countless drives out to the coast from now on so don’t worry!  There will be pictures eventually.  Especially since I heard about the amazing bread baker in this tiny town called Freestone.  Can’t wait to visit them.  For now I hope you enjoy these pics from Bodega Bay.

We drove past Spud Point Crab Company on our way out to Bodega Head.  It was this tiny white fisherman’s hut that had a huge line coming out the door, through the patio and out to the sidewalk.   The bench style patio tables were full of diners.  This was obviously the place to eat.  We had to stop on the way back.

The food was amazing.  Super fresh crab hauled out of the water that morning and turned into crab sandwiches, soup and cakes.  As you walk up to the front door there are two giant vats of clam chowder bubbling away on the patio.  We arrived at about 1pm and they were already sold out of the red clam chowder and the crab cakes so we got a bowl of white clam chowder and a crab sandwich.  Both were awesome!  Don’t ask me why the only shot of my food was through Instagram.  I haven’t gotten used to taking photos of my restaurant food yet.  I always get a bunch of funny looks from other diners and it makes me feel like I am a total wacko!  Anyone else get that or is it all in my head?

Across the street is the Marina where all the crab boats are docked waiting for the next morning’s run out to sea.  It was so calm and peaceful that day.  The only noise was a couple of guys working on a boat and the low murmur of diners from the Crab Company across the street.

We heading back to the coast for New Years Day.  I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year.

There is a lot planned for Shoots and Roots in 2012.  It’s high time we take this blog to the next level!