Vineyard Trip 2011

I fought back tears as we drove away.  It was so much fun.  Tom is exhausted at night, but thanks his lucky stars every morning when he wakes up to this.

Vineyard 2011 Valley and water.jpg
Vineyard 2011 Paradise.jpgVineyard 2011 Panorama with lakes and mnt.jpg

I think I could live in his working trailer for a long time if I got to live somewhere as beautiful as this.  My days were spent cleaning his work/living place, medicating a sick hawk, cooking for several hungry workers, and blaring my car horn at invading starlings while scaring the crap out of the occasional car full of half drunk wine tasters (not intentionally of course!).  We flew falcons, saved and released a wild Shrike from a sparrow trap, munched on table grapes fresh from the vine, chatted with another falconer about growing up in Ireland, learned to strum on an Irish Banjo, flew kites… need I go on.  One more month and Tom will be home.  All these pictures were taken with my iphone 4.  I didn’t even take my dslr out of the bag.

So beautiful hereWe're grape!View from my trailer on the vineyard

Vineyard 2011 Field Workers.jpgVineyard 2011 local fields harvesting CA.jpg

Vineyard 2011 HarvesterVineyard 2011 Peregrine flying.jpgVineyard 2011 Tom Flying Falcon.jpg

Vineyard 2011 weeds.jpgVineyard 2011 Field of Flowers 2.jpg

Vineyard 2011 Chaser in car.jpgVineyard 2011 Tom and Chaser scaring birds.jpg

vineyard 2011 row of vines.jpgVineyard 2011 Rows of Grapes.jpgFlying kites.jpgVineyard 2011 Grapes Pinor Noir.jpg

Heartland of CAWill eventually be $300 a bottle Pinot NoirI love abandoned buildingsGrapes for as far as the eye can seeSunset SilhouetteGrowing flowersTom and ThurgoodCanning Section at Vons SM.jpg

This Vons has the largest canning section I have ever seen!  My local store only has two types of jars and they are nearly impossible to find.

Vineyard 2011 Paradise 2.jpg

Bubblegum Alley whole.jpgBubble Gum Alley.jpg

This was our favorite stop on the way home.  Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California.  Brae insisted, apparently Judy Moody has been here.  Yes that is all chewed up gum, 2-4 inches thick down the entire length of both walls.  Yes, it is nasty, but smells a lot better then you think.

*Due to naughty job poachers (yes, seriously) I cannot tell you exactly what vineyard that we are on or where, only that we are somewhere off the 101 freeway from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles.  In August it’s Paradise here.