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Photo Friday – Tomato Babies

You dig, you sweat, you stain your clothes and toil away in the afternoon sun so that one morning a couple of months later you can be greeted with this.

It may sound crazy, but I can’t wait to eat my babies!

6 comments on “Photo Friday – Tomato Babies

  1. Kristen

    Kevin and my tomato babies just popped up too! But those are OURS to eat 🙂

  2. Awwwww… those are so cute!

  3. I want to eat your babies too. Don’t worry I’m too far away and growing my own. Romas mainly.

  4. Same here, Melissa 🙂 We’ve got 22 tomato plants (that’s about 20 different varieties, including some specifically for our daughter – Tomato Berry, Sungold and SunCherry) and more than half of them have baby tomatoes growing rapidly. We’re so excited!!!! Few more weeks before we can start eating them!

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