Favorite Food Photos From April and Early May

I schedule time to practice food photography several times a week.  On many days I drop my daughter off at school and head straight home to take advantage of the early morning light flooding my kitchen and living room.  I end up taking so many food related photos that don’t ever make it onto my blog.  Instead of filing them away and forgetting them I want to share some of my favorites from the past few weeks.

Climbing PeasSpring Peas

Berry & Lemon Pancakes

Sun Toast from Super Natural Everyday Book

Lemon SconeLemon Scone

Granola on YogurtGranola on Yogurt

Carrot CakesCarrot CakesCarrot Cakes

Mini Lasagna

About Melissa

I live in the high desert outside of Los Angeles in southern California with my 14-year-old daughter and my 6 yr old son. I love to help people, which is why I am a teacher! I find so much joy in helping others create a life they love. This little blog is about food. Growing it, cooking it and eating it! I hope it inspires you to try something new and stretch yourself!

4 comments on “Favorite Food Photos From April and Early May

  1. Kristen

    The last one is making my hungry!!! Beautiful pictures!

    • So funny because it took me forever to figure out if I wanted to keep that one or not. I guess I made a good decision.

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  3. I really feel the same. Take a lot of photos and most never in my blog. I guess we all do the same thing. The pics are lovely

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