I have been thinking about this food blog thing for a long time.  I am not new to the blogosphere.  I have been writing a crafting blog called Elemental Stitches for the last 5 years.  Over time I noticed my crafting blog became half crafting, half food.  It had somehow morphed into two blogs fighting over the same space.  Recently I was reading through my old posts and I came across a 4 year old post about wanting to write a food blog.  I have been thinking about this for a long time indeed!  I wish I had started then!

The following recipes are this food blog in gestation.  While it was still just an idea hiding in my head.

Lemon Thumbprint CookiesLemon Curd

Orange Blueberry Sweet RollsChocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Savory Dutch BabySummer Garden Food

Fried Green Tomatoes SB1

Tomato Sauce Triptych

Mediterranean Yogurt CheeseHeirloom Tomatoes