About Melissa

What two passions would you refuse to give up until you were 6 ft under?  For me its food and photography.  This blog is my recipe box, my photographic food diary, a place for challenging myself.

I am Melissa.  I love ice cream and cheese, cooking at midnight and eating chocolate for breakfast.  I grow veggies in a tiny backyard in the city.  My husband likes food fried, I like food fresh, and our daughter will only eat salami & chicken nuggets.

I am cooking for three, on a limited budget, trying to keep it simple and laughing the whole most of the time.

Why Shoots & Roots? Shoots are the first little seedlings in a garden and a nickname for a photography session.  Roots refer to the roots of plants and roots we eat.  It also refers to our ancestral and historical roots where flavor mingles with memory and culture.